Super easy pool maintenance
pHin monitors your water quality 24/7, notifies you on your smartphone when you need to add chemicals, and ships you premeasured doses of chemicals when you need them. All you do is drop in the color-coded pods, it’s as easy as Monitor, Notify, Drop.


Monitor water quality
pHin gives you confidence in your water quality by adding the exact amount of chemicals needed so there’s no worry about over-chemicalized water. You can always be confident that your pool or hot tub is ready for you and safe for your family.
There for you when you need help
The pHin network of pool service experts is just one button press away. Whether it’s for cleaning, repairs, or just questions, pHin is there for you. With simple pre-negotiated rates, one-button scheduling and real time customer feedback, you can ensure you’re getting the best local experts on demand, whenever needed, now that’s convenient!